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Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada
Skilled Worker 3

Work Permit

Work permit and application for workers, students,, business people, and caregivers. Many different types of work permits are available, such as open work permits, close work permits, and bridging open work permits.

Group of students with Canadian flags sitting near color wall

Study Permit

Work with students on selecting the right programs, and getting letters of acceptance from designated learning institutes (DLI). Usually, it is valid for the duration of your study plus 90 days.

Skilled Worker 1

Skilled Professionals

National Occupation Classification (NOC), is a system to group related jobs and define teer or level of occupation in an organization. Teer 00 are directors, 0 are managers, tear 1 are professionals, 2 are technicians, etc.


Investors and Entreprenuers

More than 33 Federal and provincial programs exist for business people to invest and immigrate to Canada. It is a complicated and lengthy process, but investors have much to gain from investing in Canada. Safe investment that could generate a return of ....

Refugee means


A refugee, generally speaking, is a displaced person who has crossed national boundaries and who can not or is unwilling to return home due to a well-founded fear of persecution. Asylum claimants are different from resettled refugees.

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Family Sponosrship

The family class sponsorship program reunites families by enabling adult permanent residents and citizens to sponsor parents, grandparents, dependents, and spouses for immigration to Canada. The Canadian government considers this stream as the most important stream ...

visit visa 9

Visit Visa

Are you coming to visit Canada? Let us help you to choose the right application. If you are coming to visit friends or family, pleasure, training, or business meeting. There are different types of visit visas such as courtesy and diplomat.

Coming for study, work, or visit

Apply For Temporary Resident Status