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Immigrating to Canada as a skilled professional

ًWhat Services do we provide

1. Guide our clients through the complicated maze

2. Qualification process: tests qualification against around 70 programs

3. What if Scenario: to be qualified for a specific program, identify the gaps and areas of improvement

4. What if qualified and not selected, identify the strategy to get selected and invited. 

ًWhat are the key requirements you must achieve before becoming our client

1. You must register in our CRM.

2. You must have work experience or currently working

3. You must have done or planning to do an English or French Profesionacy test. 

3. You must have done or planning to do an Education Credential Assessment.  (some professions do not require a degree or secondary school)

4. You are within the working age less than 40 years old, if older it will be more difficult.

Information about skilled worker programs

There are two types of skills or two major categories of workforce

1. Trade workers: work in electrical, construction, maintenance, equipment operation, chefs, cooks, butchers, bakers, technicians, supervisors, etc

2. Professional worker:  a university graduate working as a doctor, engineer, Information technology specialist, HR, marketing, accounting, etc.

Why there are around 70 programs

1. There are federal programs like Federal Skill Worker (FSW), Federal Skill Trade (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and pilot programs

2. Each province and territory offers several standard and pilot programs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What language requirements

    at least a CLB 5 (English) or a NCLC 5 (French) for speaking and listening.
    at least a CLB 4 (English) or a NCLC 4 (French) for reading and writing.

  • Can we work with our experience?

    Many professions require a license to practice. You may be required to pass a certified exam and meet all the requirements to practice in a specific province or territory.

  • What is the qualification process that you provide

    The qualification process consists of many items, we provide a report that includes FSW and FST points, CRS score, NOC, review experience letters, produce required affidavits, identify if a license to practice is required, report on each program, gap analysis and strategy.
    We call the report "crossing the chasm" because it allows our Client to move from outside Canada to Canada and change the Client's status from foreign national to Canadian Citizen. That is a huge chasm to cross, is int that right?

  • Does the program include a job offer

    No, job offer is provided by employers not by our team of immigration consultants and lawyers. We offer two solutions:
    1) the preparation and job search mentoring and training services.
    2) contact well-known employers services.

  • What is Tamaam Frame contract for skilled workers?

    It is basically a group of contracts that can be executed in one contract. It includes:
    1. Coming to Canada as a temporary resident.
    2. Maintaining temporary residents for several years until receiving an invitation to apply for PR.
    3. Licenses to practice from start to finish.
    4. prepare for the Canadian Job Market and search for people to hire you.
    5. qualification process and apply to a Program.