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Are you planning to sponsor your family members?

What services do we offer?

1. Managing the application from collecting information, collecting documents, and making sure that we included all the documents. 

2. Validation: we need to validate many things, making a mistake will result in returning or refusing the application.    

3. Solutions to complicated cases: Parents and grandparents are considered complicated cases, spouse who does not meet some criteria is considered a complicated case.

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What are the key requirements?

1. Sponsor must be able to provide financial support and undertaking 

2. Sponor must be a Canadian or Permanent resident living in Canada and is more than 18 years old

3. The sponsor should not be taking social assistance from the government such as legal aid. 

4. The applicant could be the child, spouse, father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother of the sponsor

Information about family sponorship

The government created this program to reunite Canadian citizens and permanent residents with close family members.

The sponsor is required to undertake and support the applicants of the family; which means the sponsor promises that, for a specified duration, they will provide for the basic needs of their family members so they do not have to rely on social assistance.
Sponsorship applications involving spouses, common-law or conjugal partners and dependent children are given priority. Sponsorship applications involving adopted children, children to be adopted and orphans are also given priority, as they often involve minors without parental care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the processing tme

    Based on a discussion between many immigration consultants we were able to record that few cases completed in three months, the average time is 12 months. Some cases took more than 18 months.

  • If my father is now married, can i bring my father and his wife