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Immigrating to Canada as an Investor

What Services do we provide

1. Guide our clients through the complicated maze

2. Build business plans, establish a new company,  establish a subsidiary to the current business running outside Canada, and buy an existing business. 

3. The Qualification process: tests qualification against around 30 programs

4. All immigration services until acheiveing permanent residency  

What are the key requirements

1. If currently, English is bad, willing to change that within one year by studying English language

2. Experience as a manager or business owner

3. Will buy a business or start a business: that has a location and employees.

4. Age is better to be less than 60 years old

Information about Investor programs

Why there are around 30 programs

1. Some programs are federal programs and others are provincial programs

2. We always inform the clients which programs they are qualified for, some clients may qualify for all programs. 

Why this program is considered complicated

1. The program must go into stages, the first stage is a visit, then a work permit, then starting or buying a business, and finally applying for permanent residency.

2. The applicant must maintain the temporary residence 

3. Preparing a business plan and buying/starting a business requires skilled professionals other than Immigration consultants such as corporate lawyers, accountants, and economists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is education required?


  • Is it okay to buy a barber shop or a mechanic shop?


  • How much money do I need to show

    It depends, on how many employees you are going to hire in the first year, and shop rent cost. Also, you must hire permanent residents and Canadian Citizens. You must show the ability to pay all employees, yourself, and rent for at least one year.